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house of supercool

A creative marketing agency

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Une photographie noir et blanc de l'équipe de House of Supercool. De gauche à droite: Coralie Daignealt, Fannie Crépin, Dorothée Parent-Roy
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You wanna know all about the Spotify robots?

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Is Your Team Freaking Out About the next Album Release

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Your band is doing well and is ready for the next level?

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Your company has new staff that needs training?

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Is TikTok Giving you FOMO?

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You need a digital marketing life coach?


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Our entertainment guru has over 20 years of experience in film, TV, music, and translation. With sales and copywriting skills, she gets the job done.

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Our digital music mastermind has a wealth of industry experience and always brings fresh ideas. She loves sharing her wisdom through teaching and coaching.

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coralie daigneault

Our Gen-Z trendsetter is a promotional and content adventurer who co-founded IC3Y Mag, among other ventures. She's got the skills to make any project a success, proving that she's already one step ahead of the game despite being the "next generation".

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House of Supercool is more than just an ad agency – we are also promoters and curators, always shining a spotlight on supercool projects.

We are dedicated to helping artists and creative entrepreneurs pave their own path, reach their target audience, and take their businesses to new heights, all while promoting transparency and a no-bullshit vibe.

In a world where digital marketing can be confusing and intimidating, we aim to empower entrepreneurs and artists to understand the importance of digital marketing and maximize their opportunities.

Get ready to work with a Supercool creative team that will find a solution that fits your pocket and your style.

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House of Supercool is leading the charge in digital marketing, paving the way for the music and creative industries. Our vision is to be the go-to destination for all things marketing, with a team of experts who bring their A-game to each project.

We’re all about diversity, creativity, and making a real impact, empowering our clients to reach new heights in their respective fields.

Our commitment to straight-up service and innovative solutions sets us apart, and we’re building lasting relationships with our clients one project at a time.

With a focus on staying ahead of the curve, House of Supercool is ready to rock the marketing world.

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We are very excited to announce that Supercool is handling the digital marketing in Canada and the United States for the new Half Moon Run album and tour


FRAUD PERRY gave a fiery performance in Austin as part of the Pop Montreal showcase


The supercools have just returned from a trip to Mexico where they worked on re-launching the Quebexico project - more news soon!


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Football Strategy

Strategy & Planning

  • Marketing Strategy Ideation
  • Planning and budgeting of advertising campaigns
  • Content calendar
  • Web3 and NFTs strategies
  • Audit of web presence


Digital Marketing

  • Advertising on META, YouTube, GoogleAds, TikTok, Spotify, web display, and more
  • Implementation of newsletter campaigns
  • Audience and persona identification
  • Copywriting and translation
  • Digital Marketing
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Coaching & Consultation

  • Music management coaching
  • Marketing coaching for artists
  • Training for groups or conferences
  • Creative brainstorming
  • Album release consultation
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